Monday, January 3, 2011

In the morning, against the blue sky

in the morning against the blue wall of my bedroom... with papers scattered all around me... i drink coffee and put in my hour of being grown up. its a good thing bills take about 4 seconds to pay in this day and age.

my van sits outside... waiting... waiting patiently just like it did for 10 years.

How's your new years diet going?

not super good. on the first we had chinese and vowed never again to eat anything not green and crunchy. yesterday i skipped the gym to have a burrito and a beer with chad. then went for more drinkies with andrea.
so not great.
if anyone's going to get anything done this year... (namely me). I'm probably going to have to stop spending money on alcohol... and stop consuming it. sigh... but its my favorite vice... (whiney voice)

now to dispute a charge to my credit card from yes folks... its totally a scam. if you really want your credit score, just go to your bank. if you dont have a bank... dont bother with your credit score.

love... renee

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