Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm back!!

And I'm happy.

still in knoxville, my hometown is covered in oil, i am working a minimum wage job(s) with a degree in marine biology, i have little to no money...

all these things are trivial... except for the oil, i just try not to think about it.

I am happy because:

1. Look at this handsome man! He likes me...

2. I got a new camera! And its long overdue since our digitals keep biting the dust or just plain being crappy. How can you document/blog with no fancy digital toy?!

3. At least I haves a job
(no photo on file)

4. I cleaned up my office... or at least I'm cleaning up the office and making it into a proper studio.

What a Mess!!

Explosions of String and Eyeshadow and bits of Rubber!

The one stop dropping place for everyone as soon as they come in the house... they drop everything here... coffee cups, playdough, bits of ... nail polish... alright, its all mine its my shit.

After! with a clean desk we can create again!
5.And so... My creative things came back! Those things inside me that made me special, that I identified myself by, that brings me happiness... these things are back.

this is Gary the fish... stay tuned for his single panel comic strip coming soon!!

In the form of song and craft. I'm just crazy about eraser stamps.

this tree is for Nat, the dishwasher at my job... his last day is saturday. He is leaving to become a park ranger. go nat!!

this is the first one i did...
okay bye guys! I have lots and lots of stuff to share


  1. I just wanted you to know your hometown is NOT covered in oil. The beach and gulf have been as beautiful as ever. NO sign yet of that tradgedy.

  2. OMG I knew u were a kindred spirit ~ I LOVE making eraser stamps!! Here is my green teacup

    I wish I had a pic online of my sailboat eraser stamp though :)