Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bring your Blogger to Work Day!!and

Didn't I tell you?

It's bring your Blogger to Work Day!!

Which is almost identical to bring your new camera and stealthily take pictures of everybody trying to work day!!

I work at Mellow Mushroom near the UT campus, I'm a hostess, which means I take to-go orders, fill the ice machine and seat people.
It isn't nearly as stressful being a server, but I don't get paid the big bucks either, and I may or may not be surrounded by ladies 4-6 years younger than me.

Every morning the servers have a pow-wow where they fill salt shakers, roll silverware and generally talk shit about other servers... (no of course not, all the servers are amazing, all the ones pictured here especially).

Here's the prep cook breaking it down, his name is Franklin... or as I like to refer to him: Fwankyn.

The lovely dishpit! Shown here all super shinny and not smelling like vomit as it always does at the end of the night. my how things turn over in restaurants.

This is where all the magic happens, the shinny wonderful kitchen, very warm in here.

This is Matt, he's a cook, today he's on hoagie patrol. He makes really good coffee inthe morning. He's also a fellow musician, and on a side note, he and his friends are putting on this festival next weekend:

But enough about them! lets talk about mee!!!

"Mellow Mushroom on Cumberland Avenue, this is Renee, how can i help you?"

I'll walk you through my most important task:

(yes... sigh... i do have a biology degree... it's the new High school diploma apparently)

Watch out for the "Leaning Tower of Cheesa!!" (Matt... I'm not nearly that witty or cheesy)

Thanks for tuning in, come and see me sometime, I'll be here:

And then 5-8 hours after that I'll be here:

Tomorrow I think I'll post some cartoons of Gary the Fish, don't miss it!


  1. :( I am not allowed to wear nail polish at work. If I did I would wear some as dazzling as yours. Oh and hi.

  2. i stacked them so perfectly too.