Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Family Portrait Time

About 12 times every year my mother insists we all go outside and take a family portrait.

This is the first time I am as excited to grab the tripod and "put on a nice shirt" because this time we get to use my new camera!

Also, for the past 5 years or so, family portraits have just been my mom, myself, and the dogs, and when we had no dogs it was even sadder! But currently our family is full of furry ones, three of them. The male presence really helps balance out our pictures... I'm not sure how chad feels being around 4 bitches all the time, but he's a blessing to us.... and he cooks really really well.

After family picture time it turned into chad and renee + new camera = happy puppy funtime

Fish Eye Lens!!!

my butt was supposed to be in the center to make it really big... this is alright too i guess... so i can tell my children... "look how skinny i was!!"

Ca-Razy "miniature effect" that I haven't quite gotten the hang of yet... it's supposed to make it look like everything is tiny...

chad just wanted to hide behind this tree...

this is our favorite feature... single color selection on black and white.

This is Chad's newest series entitied:

"the Four Seasons of Renee"

1. Nonchalantly Posing for a Belle & Sebastian album cover

2. Crazy-Go-Nuts-Give-Me-More-Candy


("Why must you always do this in the supermarket?")

ah yes, this one is perfectly captured:

3. "Pouty Face"

and of course

4. "Extreme Pouty Face"

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