Friday, April 2, 2010

i am the biggest loser:

of Weight that is!!!

long story short:

*(omitting a life long exposure to american society that has molded me into a self conscience being while simultaneously brain washed me with every advertising media to be overindulgent in every aspect of life... especially food)

**(omitting self-pitiful childhood memories of always ALWAYS being a bit "chubby", long after I knew that the term baby fat was no longer applicable... which realistically people, is like 3 years old... not 14)


or more aptly named:

" THE BATHING SUIT STRETCHED AROUND THE WORLD" (that started a revolution ...ary war)

i went to target to buy this turquoise bathing suit I had seen. oh it was super sexy in all the right places but not in all the wrong places if you get my mean. After a couple months of hiking and eating much better, I felt like it was time... I would go through the mortifying ordeal that every woman must face when she needs a new bathing suit.

I neglected to recall at that moment in the way too well lit dressing room the amount of red wine, bleached pasta and bread products and ice cream that had accompanied all that hiking and healthy food in the past 2 months. poo

so... instead of a bathing suit... i went to the back of the store and ... contributed to a multi-million dollar enterprise built on the desperate hopes and desires of the plump...
i bought a biggest loser book.

but i really like it!
seriously, i thought i was eating pretty well and exercising enough.
chad is being super supportive... we're both pretty into it.
i never realized how much crap i sneak into my body.

Breakfast: Ham and Cheese Melt

fried egg (made in a ring so its all pretty and perfect... the top of a canning jar lid)
and use cooking spray instead of olive oil/butter/canola oil... /bacon fat (which we do on a regular occasion)

WHOLE WHEAT english muffin... its so moist, it doens't even need the extra 50-100 calories of butter i couldn't resist

some low fat cheese... or whatever you have laying around... say... smoked gouda... ah!

and 2 slices of lean ham

egg = 90
muffin = 120.... 160 with the butter
cheese = 100
ham = 30
370... not so diet. but so delicious.

stay posted if this interests you in the slightest

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