Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Showers...

... and other generalizations about months.

Knoxville, a place i never thought of, there are lots of those i suppose. more than you'd think.

Knoxville, is where we live.
Pensacola still feels like home.

Our house is just south of downtown
the smokey mountains is south of that.

we made music
we make it still

having some trouble finishing the album,
but I never really heard of an album that was easily done

not any good ones anyways

it'll be finished eventually
(ps... this is my mom's house... i dont have a portrait of myself in my music room or anything... sheesh)

i can't wait to hear it

Chad's album is just about done,
mastering puts on the final touches and the high gloss top coat to seal the cracks

it sounds wonderful

time for a snack

1 comment:

  1. Our mutual friend Jess Thompson turned me onto your music a while ago and I ended up picking up one of your CDs off CDBaby. Lovely work.

    I was wondering where you guys do your mastering. I'm working on an album myself and don't have a very large budget.