Monday, February 22, 2010

since then

we are still in knoxville

my mom broke her arms... i told you that already... but they are not broken anymore, the casts are off. but we are still in knoxville.

Chad got a job, he starts on thrusday

we will not be here forever.

we will move to Pensacola in the summer and I will start classes to become a teacher of high school biology.

we will hold these more professional grown-up type jobs in the pursuit of putting out our next album on 7 ''.

We will be recording the album in april when my mom goes to california.

i miss my friends most of all.

to see what we have been going since then... please see chad's blog, he updates it regularly with pictures of the hikes we do everyother day in the smoky moutains.


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  1. kudos for going into edu!!

    and hooray for hikes-the pix are awesome!