Friday, November 5, 2010


yes.... its my favorite holiday, making thanksgiving and christmas very anticlimactic...

My employer mellow mushroom requires all front of house employees to dress up for Melloween and create a fun atmosphere for our guests. we end up having the most fun and I think most customers were frankly just scared... especially of my costume...

so, here's my friends:

John... as ghost

Caroline as "Heidi" from Tool Time

Josh and Gil as "Gil and Josh"

Kyle as ... Kyle

Gentry as Gentry... he always dresses like this

Liz as scary sexy Liz.. or a witch...

This guy kept coming behind the counter and trying to touch the ladies

What a creeper

He smelled of rolling tobacco and "Big League" Bubble gum

Virginia as "Snooki"

Nicki as Darla from the little rascals

Kevin as "Kevin"

The winner of the costume contest...
Tony as "Pizza"

Amanda as manager

Karmin as "Alfalfa"

Creeper as "Buck"

"Come here little darlin"...

(notice the finger waggle)

2nd place costume contest winner... PBR as "Sex Machine"

Splawn as... some one... I think a female rapper... I dont know who,

ooooo! spooky!

Well drinks

Chad as "Teen Wolf"

Happy Halloween everyone!

Gimmi a little kiss darlin...
... hawt

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  1. Mellow Mushroom! ! When I went to Myrtle Beach, that was one of my favorite places. lol.