Saturday, October 23, 2010


hey, I was thinking of going to wordpress... how do you guys feel about this? anything?

but that is besides the point... this map is for illustrating my EPIC PLANNING!!

I shall begin an epic journey next may for 3/3 reasons:

1. Self Discovery/Independence
2. Documentation/Collection
3. Adventure/Music

This tour will circumnavigate the entire country, hopefully accumulating the entire west into my collection... what collection you say? If you do not know I have a 48 state goal, to play a show in every state... but the collecting goes much farther than this yes, much farther indeed.

On this trip I will begin tangible collection, of each city... a soil sample if you will, contained in a small glass vial. BWA HA HA HA HA!

Here is a breakdown of my first draft:


From Knoxville to Carls Bad Caverns... the main obstacle... Texas. so I am currently researching cities. Places to play, bands to play with and venues for my wallets and zines.

Part I begins with Pensacola, my old home, and the surrounding cities.
Part I ends with several state parks including the grand canyon, white sands nation monument, the petrified forest, joshua tree national and finally a visit to my father's hometown of Mexicali.



Part 2 takes me up the coast to where the majority of my family lives around the Bay area, from here I hope to steal my oldest friend Amanda from Fremont and take her north... NORTH I SAY! Up to Eureka, up to the Redwoods UP UP UP all the way to Vancouver.

This concludes part 2:


Part 3 consists of winding and wandering through the northwest, though the unknown and forgotten parts and states, where large cities are few and far between. I mean, who knows anything about Idaho, Montana, Wyoming... Utah... i dont... BUT I WILL!!

Part three ends when i reach colorado where I will tour the many cities for a couple weeks until i reach my ultimate destination... the ecological laboratory where i spent a summer when i was 20... I still have dreams about this place and i hope to get a job for a month in the surrounding area and just be there awhile. explore. discover, think about the next step... which will ultimatly be...


my triumphant return to Knoxville to work the next football season. Climb out of the debt i will no doubtedly accumulate and start again. Maybe this time i will be ready for a big girl job... but if not, i will have a shitty van that will probably need much repair.

now... to find the van.

love u


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  1. Renee! I live in Boulder CO now! I'll see you when you roll through! Happy travels! =)