Tuesday, September 21, 2010


sometimes i get lucky, and sometimes the dogs bark from the moment i pull into the carport, call my friend in Pensacola, walk thought the door, until i stick my hand in their mouth...

but tonight i got lucky.
1am... i snuck in... undetected.... the secret is... increasingly normal sounds. if I can get the door open... and creep in the kitchen.. AND get the light on... I'm free to eat pickles, almonds and fruit snacks for a bit. if I can do all that with out them going beserk i can sneak into the bedroom, past the sleeping chad and get the computer.... get into the bathroom and type to my hearts content. ...

by the time you read this, the sound alarm will be reset and i will have to sneak some more to get back into bed.

tonight i went out with some of my lady friends... who i call (ladiae)... friends. to calhoun's for drinks and talking about stuff. but calhoun's closes at 10!! so i was off to the pilot light, hoping to get myself and some far away friends booked for the october and december dates. how was I to know there was a PRIME parking spot right in front... like... band parking only... canadian noise band parking only. after perfectly parallel parking...(which is bey0ond Renee's normal operating capacity) I made my way into the Pilot Light

I wasn't planning on staying, my friends were all congregating at a bar next door... but I never made it. because you see... the noise band had cassettes for sale... so... i had to stay. and buy a couple... and then listen to the band. which was amazing.



both bands were actually pretty fantastico.

FAKE BLOOD... followed by AIDS WOLF.

just wow.

thus renewing my sense of purpose in the world. lets hope I get up early enough to take advantage of such a sense.


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