Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Artist Bio

Here is the new Disc Face of Tennessee, i like it a lot.

This morning I was working on getting all my shit together, (which my renewed sense of purpose from the night before tucked under my arm)... I managed to get my digital distribution a paperwork/files for Big Rig Records a Digital Distributor out of Australia... neat huh?

Anyways, below is the artist bio I sent them... I'm looking for some feedback. Lemme know if its too egotistical, or the least bit grammatical, (here's hoping). Does it make sense? I not good at writing thingy.

Renee Arozqueta bloomed from a seaside city on the gulf coast of Florida and like a dandelion seed she eventually sailed away. To the South, to the North and eventually she would go west.
Her first couple of albums fall under the umbrella of folk singer-songwriter. With the release of her double disc “No Sorrow Tomorrow/Lullagoodbyes” in 2008 she began incorporating ambient and environmental influences into the recording process. With a Volvo full of CDs she started to tour the eastern half of the United States, and continues to work her way westward until all 48 states have been “collected.”
In 2009 she joined forces with Chad Bishop, another Pensacola musician. Bishop’s previous bands include, Flat Broke Folk, The Cripple Lilies, Paper Scissors Rocketpack and most recently Spider + Octopus, which the two would tour under. (Renee as the octopus and Bishop as the spider).
As the years and mileage accumulate, Renee continues to grow in new directions with her albums, with new instruments, (accordion, drums, piano, guitar, ukulele, upright bass, singing saw) and new sounds both in the fore and background giving the new songs a different kind of depth while maintaining a style of minimalism. “Tennessee” released in September 2010, takes the idea of environmental sounds from the previous release into the bedroom. “Tennessee” was recorded within a hundred year old house in Knoxville. All of the elements that would normally be eliminated in a sound proof recording studio; dogs barking, mothers chattering, air and dust and sometimes emotion, are all in the mix, making the tracks more like windows than songs.
Currently, (2010), Renee continues to record and play in Knoxville, both as a solo project and with Spider + Octopus. A cross country tour is in the works for 2011.

Alright now onto the other things on the to-do LIst...

1. Clean my office... yea, that'll happen someday...

2. practice

3. find a dentist... its like finding your keys in a haystack!

4. fix bike

5. find a scanner on craigs list

6. Work at 4:30... poop... I know that'll get done.


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