Wednesday, August 11, 2010

spent all my money

on beautiful things.

we went on tour... blah blah blah blah tour, good shows, bad shows, no shows, okay shows, amazing incredible shows.

we went to pensacola... beach report... no visible traces of oil, turquoise water, live fish, white sand... but you know its there... deep in the sand, sunken below the drop off... lots of cleanup workers loading into buses.

florida... i used to be from you

now i'm... not. but i'm not from here either, i just live here... and will for awhile

vacation is an excellent way to put things into perspective, probably the most effective way, and the most efficient path back onto a diet.

time for school to start up again, i love back to school shopping, I LOVE IT! the fact that i'm not actually attending classes is a moot point. its the planner i'm in it for. borders has the largest selection of planners this time of year, they are not cheap and they are not tree friendly... hell yes.

more of that tomorrow.
till then... eat it.

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