Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Album: Tennessee

Chad and I are leaving for a short tour this wednesday, just a week around the south. our idea of a vacation... 8 cities in 10 days. yessssssss. including:

July 28th Knoxville @ Time Warp Tea Room
July 29th Atlanta @ The EyeDrum
July 30th Jacksonville @ Infintesmal Show!!
July 31st Gainesville @ CMC
August 1st Orlando @ Ethos Vegan Kitchen
August 3nd Tallahasse @ FarSide
August 5th Pensacola @ End of the Line Cafe
August 6th Mobile @ the Blind Mule
August 7th Chattanooga @ JJ's Bohemia

All around its going to be happy fun times, seeing friends, extended family, and most importantly... playing shows together as Spider + Octopus... my favorite thing to do in the whole world.

For this tour, we have both managed to put out new albums. Chad's is called "-ist" you know, like all the ists you can think of... minimalist, existentialist, fatalist... all of them.

Mine is just called Tennessee, named after this picture i took for the front cover... and because they were all written during out "stay" here in Knoxville... but knoxville is a terrible name for an album.

As you may or maynot be able to see, there are 16 songs. All recorded super lo-fi with shitty hums and dogs barking and recording noises... like the buzz of the actual equipment and me clicking on the keyboard... various other things that make it super fun.

I'm in love with it. I dont usually feel that way about a recording... i dont think i ever have actually. all my other albums were recorded with help from my friends, and while i accomplished much with them and those albums, this one is mine. All mine. i did everything, all of it is my work... in all its shitty glory. And I'm more proud of it than anything i have done in a long long long time. so there.

(this is the disc face)

if for some reason i wont be coming to your town, i will make this album available through CD Baby, Etsy, paypal, myspace or some other bullshit i have to do today. god i'm so happy about this. through all this shit... and i do mean shit... it brings me way down... this... this came out of it, and i am ... alright for now.

email me if you'd like to know more or purchase "Tennessee" and/or "-Ist", which is equally brilliant.

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