Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tallahassee - solo tour - may 20th

the next disc to put out. 
chad has gotten me kind of obsessed with time capsules
so we shall make one
and bury it under a tree

i'm thinking a split, 5 and 5. 
Just stark acoustic songs, 
as they are...
as they were
in June 2009.

like the newer songs, so we could have a $5 disc available for people while waiting for the next newest polish things to come out, (Spider+Octopus's first release and my Dreams album... which has been a long time coming, but new songs get added everyday that changes the ideas around).

I want this disc to be more representative of the current show. 
something to take home.
something personal
something packaged in cardboard and spray paint
thats the the best part... the spray paint.

Tour Update:

I'm in Tallahassee, hiding inside the Charles Mansion, with many sweet kitties.
if you haven't been here, you should someday.... if, you are the kind of person that appreciates the special places, the caves in the mountains, collections of smashed hose ends. i love these places. i collect them. i revisit, i leave things behind... mostly i just like to be inside of them awhile... It reminds me of the space i used to make with 4 large couch cushions, a small dark cube i could be inside of.... when i was small enough to do so. 
thats what these kinds of places are, now that i'm a little bigger in size.

The Charles Mansion is one of them...  i think tallahassee might be one of them
the show i played last night was a benefit for a new food Co-Op here. Look a this awesome shirt i got!

i know right!?
yea... i also know its backwards, but thats just the way my camera works anyways, it says,
"Bread & Roses  Food Cooperative... Tallahssee"

Its just getting off the ground, still the early stages, raising money to open a physical space. I'm super excited about it. Last night I decided to spend some time in Tallahassee to work this food co-op, which is uncorupted yet as food co-ops often become in their success, case and point... ever'mans... not exactly what our hippie forefather's had in mind as far as community grocery. my mom has told me stories of co-ops. Huge barrels of peanut butter and organic grains for pennies. but you had to work... that means mixing the slowly separating 50 gallons of pb.
 im into it.     

Anyways, check out this website!


Tonight I head to Jacksonville to play at Shantytown with the Colorful Quiet. This is the first tour i have done alone, i felt it as i was settling in to sleep... realizing... "i've never done this before."  its kinda neat. I'm sure after awhile it would be lonesome... or maybe it would be something else.

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