Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hello my love,

how long has it been?

It has been one year since Grumbledor and I departed to cross the country.

(here are some random shots of last summer's epic solo mission to mars)

I want to let you know that this year I'm heading off on a brand new adventure.
I have joined forces with Teach for America as a middle school science teacher in rural Louisiana.
I am terribly terribly excited.

So for the time being my music will travel in my heart, and touring will recommence in the summer times. I dont think I'm done touring/playing shows, but for now I'm packing up Grumbledor for a completely different destination, one that is deeply important to me:
WOOO  Changing the World with Science!!!

That being said, I HAVE A NEW ALBUM OUT!!

It's not just me either, I have been playing with a band for the past 5 months, half the songs are mine and half are Geoff's. This has given both of our songs new momentum and body. We finished up the recordings last week and I am so excited to present this album... truthfully, I was excited to hear it but I was FLOORED how special the finished project is. 

This album will be available here on the side bar and as well as from band camp. 
We are called Siricutico (city-coo-CHI-coo)
translated from portugese: The Shivers!

 I have also received a lot of requests for my older CDs, I only have about 4000 of these left.
I had started promising to send these CDs to my friends when they asked... but i... have... been...
unemployed for the last 5 months too... soo...

 These CDs are all available here! If you want/need them, please give me some money for shipping as I cannot afford to give it away. Someday I will, but not this year right before I move to rural Louisiana.
Clicking the BUY button takes you to paypal. it is safe/secure.

I love you. (since you obviously took the time to scroll all the way down here to the picture that I currently look like).

This album will be available in 2 weeks. I will bother/remind/badger you about it then.

--end transmission--


  1. My lord Renee what a stunning photo, anyone that didn't scroll to the end missed out!
    I can't wait for the album.
    Come see us.

  2. Boy, I truely thought this blog was dead. Then BAMANZA! Undead (Is Renee a zombie?). Cool update, glad you're back!

  3. It was a pleasure to meet a person so passionate about life. I look forward to seeing you again one day. Love. Jack the dog ;)