Monday, November 16, 2009

New Camera!! Finally!

Ever since that fateful day when chad dropped the last camera into the river... and we watched a pearl necklace of bubbles rise to the surface from its unblinking eye... we have been without photographic documentation... and this has been very bad for blogs

But... as of today we are back on track. We found a decent digital we could afford in the newspaper christmas sale adds. woo! It's pretty good... here are our test pictures

added some to my collection today... very exciting to have a whole pallet of colors.

Here are some pins I carry around with me from an elementary school reading program in north georgia called "Book It!" If you read enough in one month, you could go to Pizza Hut and they would not only give you a sticker to add to your pin (stars for one year, candle flames for another), they would also reward you with a personal pan pizza... we were all literate little children with weight problems... and we still are

Here's the face wash i use religiously... it's awesome.

Here's the toothpaste we use... it's alright, not great.

what's with the date?

1 comment:

  1. Good to digitally see you again. Now, I want to see some videos, with sound, of course!

    Love, Dad