Tuesday, March 31, 2009


there are only about a million things to do. A million and two. Rain on the roof rain in my shoe.
Super Secret Circumnavigation September Tour of Florida.
Create a website with just a few clicks
Learn HTML


Hanging out with my new best friend, she glows, she flows, she is creamy white.

I'll be leaving for tour in a few days. Just a couple more things left to do on the ground.
You know, burn 10,000 CDs, print the inserts and assemble. 

I'm getting better at it all, learning a little more each day.

I have so many things to do, I love lists. Lists make me feel better, they make me think that everything has a place, everything will get done, attended to, or at least, included in a list again. 
clean room
grocery store
lose weight
plan tour
write new album
learn spanish
discover nirvana
take out garbage

Monday, March 30, 2009

and then there was a day,

when I sold my soul away, 
but it wasn't too bad. 
actually it was a beautiful day, and it felt right. 

i did it for the sex appeal, lets not fool anyone
i did it for the looks
i did it for the way it made me feel, 
when i pulled it out and turned it on

i would pay for it, and dearly.
i guess i knew what i was in for, 
i didn't read the fine print or anything
but i think i got the gist.